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Why Is It So Important to Get Your Look Your Way?

Using mixed materials to design a stunning facade for your home is a modern and edgy way to showcase your style and reflect your home’s unique personality all while achieving that ‘wow factor’.

With unlimited combinations possible, using mixed materials is a bold and daring way to put your mark on your new or newly-renovated home and push design boundaries in an eye-catching way.

Tip: You don’t have to have a big budget to make bold changes to your home’s facade – often the most subtle change has the biggest impact.


Speaking volumes about your style, the exterior of your home can be a thing of beauty in a time when massive-produced homes with similar facades are becoming increasingly common. And of course, you can’t forget how important street appeal is improving the value of your home.

But just because you’re not building from scratch it doesn’t mean you can revamp your existing frontage using mixed materials. Think about adding brightly-coloured cladding to a front-facing balcony, creating stone pillars to your entryway, or changing your window trims.

When talking to your designer or builder it’s wise to chat about their level of experience or expertise in the use mixed materials. You might be surprised at some of their ideas and because they’re working with different building materials every day, their insight could be invaluable.

Tip: If you’re in a gated community or subdivision, be sure to check if your estate has any building covenants your facade must adhere to.


  1. Considering having a charming Linea™ weatherboard exterior and then adding a stone feature wall to create a funky coastal look.
  2. Create a bold look by using cladding cut at different angles, with a splash of greenery, to create a contemporary facade that catches the eye.
  3. For a modern look that will individualise your home’s look, try the easy-fit wide board style Stria cladding, it works with any design and provides a subtle shadow detail on long walls.
  4. A daring design that makes the facade of your home ‘pop’ is the use of Scyon Matrix vertical or horizontal panel. Add a dash of timber to really make a statement.
  5. Draw attention to your exterior by using darker cladding with a mix of render and timber to create a presence that demands attention.

With endless ways to use mixed-materials to redefine the visual exterior of your home, you have the power to fashion a facade that suits your discerning style, because why shouldn’t you have the look you want!

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