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How to Find the Right Balance with Mixed Materials

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More and more, we’re seeing the traditional façade of uniform materials – whether it’s brick, weatherboard, render or otherwise – disappear and be replaced by a newer, modern look: Mixed Materials.

Creating a designer look with mixed materials is an elegant and unique way to give your home a dramatic slice of individualism. However, there must always be a balance – let’s explore how to do exactly that for your property.

Focus on the geometry

While there is certainly plenty of inspiration when it comes to creating a look that elevates modern mixed materials, there’s no manual you need to follow. Instead, you should focus on creating a look that is unique to you – your design tastes, your environment and your favourite materials.

What is consistent across most – if not all – mixed materials homes is the attention to detail of the geometry. Whether it’s dramatic cubes stacked on top of each other, sharp diagonal lines splitting two contrasting (but complementary) materials, or something like you’ve never seen before, the opportunities are endless. And the only limit is your creativity.

Repurpose for lower costs and a unique look

With many architects, designers and builders taking a more eco-friendly approach to construction these days, you’ll find that a number of homeowners are investigating how they can integrate green solutions into their mixed materials projects.

Repurposing materials is an intelligent way to bring a fresh look to your property without blowing out your budget. Reclaimed timber, for example, can create a striking façade when paired with a high-quality fibre-cement cladding like Axon™.

The look is called ‘mixed materials’ for good reason – so be courageous when partnering old and new for a truly unique design.

Don’t be conservative with your material combinations

Common materials include all the traditional favourites: timber, concrete, brick, glass. The difference is that with a designer mixed materials look these materials are taken to new heights thanks to how they contrast and complement one another.

Cladding and weatherboard are also exceptional additions to any mixed materials build. Using James Hardie™ products, you’ll enjoy durable fibre-cement solutions that are not only cost-effective, but lightweight and space-saving compared to traditional materials like brick.

Achieve mixed materials grandeur with James Hardie

You can achieve your own mixed materials look with the help of a variety of James Hardie products. Think Axon cladding paired with Linea™ weatherboard, for example. The clean, vertical lines of Axon in a shade of black draw the eye when matched against Linea’s Hamptons-style horizontal weatherboard in complementary whites and greys.

For a more geometric-focused façade, you could instead incorporate the modern, expressed look of Matrix™ cladding to highlight long floor-to-ceiling glass windows that conjure a bolder, more industrial aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking to renovate your inner-city property or want to build your dream home in suburban or country bliss, a modern mixed materials approach will stand the test of time – and ensure your home stands out for years to come.

You can find plenty of mixed-materials inspiration on our Pinterest page, or if you’re ready to jump straight into a project then use some of our amazing design ideas to keep the creative juices flowing.

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