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Expert Panel: Golden Rules for Getting the Perfect Exterior Look

Coordinating the exterior look of your home can be a tricky balancing act. Think about the multiple shapes, colours, textures and lines that need to be balanced and complement each other! We’ve turned to two experts for their insights and advice to help you create the perfect exterior look.


Experts on the look, Josh and Jenna are previous contestants on ‘The Block’ and are renovation experts with an eye for contemporary design.

The exterior of your home is the first impression, so it shouldn’t be forgotten or compromised. We believe mixing materials is the key to adding interest and wow factor to your façade. Mixing different styles of cladding should be about creating an exterior that reflects your aesthetic and lifestyle.



  • Pair Scyon™ Matrix™and Corrugated iron for a modern industrial look.
  • Use Scyon Stria™ with timber for a modern farmhouse look.
  • Juxtaposition of different elements like colour, shape, texture and scale is key to balancing an asymmetrical exterior.
  • It’s all about opposites—light and dark colours, complex and simple shapes.


Home lover journalist and blogger, House Nerd is currently in the process of renovating her WA home! 

We’re making over our house’s elevation with a modern mixed materials look! Here’s what I’ve learned from the process so far.



  • We had a designer on board at the start of the process which helped shape the direction of the makeover.
  • It helps to have a professional on board to provide an unbiased assessment of what can and can’t be done.
  • A big part of the design is balancing the features of your existing home with new elements of the makeover. For example, our carport, the roof, the driveway, the back area need to complement each other and the new cladding design-wise.
  • Our expert advised us that horizontal Scyon boards like Stria and Linea™ are perfect when you have a lot of windows or utilities. The horizontal, linear format means you actually minimise product waste and save on costs.

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